Fairy tales and magic </3

Fairy tales and magic </3

Ooh. That is why.

Ooh. That is why.

Tempted? Maybe not.

And my sister finally had the courage to slap his douche bag husband’s face and make him out of her life. I don’t know if we’re evil sisters but we have been waiting for this moment for like forever because we all knew that her ex-husband has another girl who also knew that he has a wife and two kids. I hate my sister for tolerating this kind of sh*t. Oh God! How powerful love is!

What is it with people? Ugh. Don’t tell me it’s also love that’s why people tend to cross the line. It is like seeing your favorite ice cream inside the fridge when you have tonsillitis or sore throat. YES! It’s just another temptation. Another thing you should keep on resisting because it breaks an ethical norm. A thing you need to resist if you are still a rational person and knows what is right. You already have a family and why the hell you still enter an affair, a worthless affair. My favorite TV programs and movies would tell me that guys incidentally fell in love or that they are tempted to have an affair. Hell no! Because at the very moment you knew that you feel something for another girl, that was also the time when you have second thought of what you are going to do. Meaning, you had a choice, you had a left or a right, a head or a tail. You knew it. You knew it was wrong in the first place yet you did. So if you are saying that you are just tempted, you could run fast ‘cause I might also slap your face hard.

But the rest of the family is happy for the strength my sister have shown and we let her feel that we are always here for her and her kids every step of the way.

For all guys out there, love your partners. Make her your one and only. If you think that there are other girls hotter than her, more beautiful, more attractive, sexier, and smarter than her, keep this in mind, there are also other guys who are more handsome, hotter, smarter, and more attractive than you but your girl still chose you :)

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"I&#8217;m beginning to love myself"

"I’m beginning to love myself"

I thought you are different - different from the typical guys that I’ve met. I like the consistency you’ve shown and I appreciate everything you’ve done for me. Really. It’s just that I can’t explicitly express how thankful I am that you’re always by my side, that you’re making me smile, and that we are still okay despite what happened. But you proved me wrong. You proved to me that you’re really one of those messed up guys I’ve seen. You proved that my future does not belong to you. And lastly, thank you for messing with my feelings just because you’re unsure of your own. And I believe you’re really not certain about what you feel because you cling to those who are just in front of you. Just because someone is entertaining you, you forgot others who really mattered to you. But when they are gone, you realized how important they are. F***. Be man enough. What do you really want? Attention? Love? Care? What?

"Hindi dahil gusto mo, makukuha mo."

I just want to tell you this…

F*** off. Get out of my life. Get out of our lives. We can’t accommodate another waste, another dirt bag. Just f*** yourself and get a life. Thank you, with all sincerity. By the way, I once considered you as one of my closest friends but I guess you don’t deserve any spot in my life so please, back off. Thank you! xoxo

Meet my new baby. Heehee. Elly the Elephant :)
Thanks to my Sissy Rocel! :&gt;

Meet my new baby. Heehee. Elly the Elephant :)

Thanks to my Sissy Rocel! :>

Name some persons you treasure the most excluding your family. Hi, Beladya! :D

Beladya? T.T HAHA. Hello, Anon! Grabe, name talaga? Ang hiraaap >.< Uhm. Ngayong college na lang para limited. Bestfriend ko, si Bellai. Grange batchmates: Andy, Lara, Iya, Cent, & Jorge. Other closest friends: Rocel, Len, Jam, and him :D